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About Us

Meet Our Firms

Two Firms | One Vision

Putman Financial Group takes a unique approach to your total financial life needs and goals that surpass most conventional CPA and financial service firms.  We have joined the knowledge and professional experience of our firms – Putman Accountancy Corporation and Putman Capital Management, Inc – together in delivering a “family office” suite of services and solutions.

Our Vision

We believe in the power of promises – the ones you’ve made to yourself, your family, and others that are important to you. Our commitment is to enable you to honor those promises by providing guidance that goes beyond the numbers, unlocking the true potential of your financial future.

Our Mission

To unleash your “Real Life” return and to provide confidence and peace of mind that comes from the seamless integration of your  accounting, tax and financial service needs.   Your dreams deserve nothing less.

Our Values

Listening for Your Promises: Ensuring that we understand the dreams that fuel your ambition, so together, we an build a roadmap for success.

Collaborative Services, Unyielding Support: Standing beside you, offering collaborative services that uplift and champion your financial goals, every step of the way.

Illuminating Unspoken Promises: Some dreams lie dormant, waiting to be revealed.

We help unearth and transform them into actionable plans that pave the path to prosperity.

Meet Our Team

Cherie D. Putman, CPA, CFP


Cherie currently advises on strategic planning matters for clients in the areas of personal financial and tax planning, accounting and financial reporting, business entrepreneur consulting and investment management.

Cherie received her degrees in Accounting and Finance from the University of Southern California.

Zoe stoermer

Client Service Admin

Zoe serves as our Client Service Associate and is the primary point of contact for our clients.

Zoe received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Oklahoma.

Silvia Hanhart


Silvia is part of Client Accounting Services and enjoys working with many of our clients meeting their needs from bookkeeping to reporting.

Silvia received her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting Theory & Practice from California State University, Northridge.


Financial Analyst

Matthew supports our tax and wealth management divisions, in the areas of asset management, financial planning, tax planning and tax preparation.

Matthew received his Bachelor of Science degrees in Finance and Economics from Chapman University.

Our Services

Financial Wellness Coaching

  • Identify Your Money Mindset
  • Financial Beliefs and Relationship to Money
  • Mindful Money Habits
  • Managing Emotions, Bias and Stress
  • Build Financial Confidence
  • Overall Guidance
  • Reduce Financial Stress
  • Life / Business Transitions

Financial Planning and Education

  • Balancing Your Goals and Objectives
  • Saving, Spending and Budgeting
  • Financial Decision Making
  • Planning Your Now and Your Future
  • Multigenerational Planning

Integrating Your Values

  • Identifying Your Core Values
  • Aligning Your Goals with Your Values
  • Creating a Vision for Your Financial Plan and Legacy
  • Teaching Values to the Next Generation

Wealth Management

  • Asset Integration
  • Investment Selection and Monitoring
  • Asset Allocation and Rebalancing
  • Risk Management
  • Income Strategies
  • Distribution Strategies
  • On Going Monitoring and Management

Welcome To Our D.R.E.A.M. Process


We begin by understanding your unique needs and goals. Our initial conversations are about learning your money story, your values and discovering what matters most to you, setting the stage for a tailored financial journey.


Next, we challenge and expand your financial perspectives. By redefining what is possible and reframing your financial outlook, we open new doors to new opportunities and ways of thinking.


Knowledge is power. We guide you through the complexities of financial strategies and markets helping you to make informed decisions with confidence.


With a clear strategy in place, we align your financial goals with actionable steps. This phase is about turning plans into reality, ensuring every action contributes to your ultimate financial success.


We focus on maintaining your financial health with ongoing oversight and adjustments. As your life’s transitions ebb and flow, so does your financial strategy. We keep the momentum going, ensuring your financial plan continues to work for you, securing your future and beyond.